Auto Rebar Shearing Line - GJW Series

Sheet Extrusion Line, which may cut grade I, grade II, grade III and grade IV deformed steel bars. This is an automatic processing and steel production line with high quality cutting, transportation, storage, processing together. It is widely used in road, rail and nuclear power construction and other fields.

Characteristics of Rebar Shearing Line:

  • CNC control, automatic cut, stock and distribute the bars (patent).
  • German PLC and CNC to ensure high cutting quality.
  • Hydraulic guillotine system.
  • Multiple baffle for quick positioning and high efficiency (patent).
  • Gradient guillotine with high capacity (patent).
  • Bi-side descharge (patent).
  • Groove blade.
  • 6 in-feed units and safety monitors.
  • Variable frequency control on in-feed conveyor.

Auto Rebar Shearing Line - GJW Series

Auto Rebar Shearing Line - GJW Series specs